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Tidewater Corvair Club Pictures Sign

Please check back tomorrow for pictures
OK, some of you wanted to see pictures of Corvairs. Here they are. Click on the thumbnail and it will open a big picture in a new window.

Tidewater’s Finest

Ron Harvey's Collection Dan Jones' Silvia Smitty's 1964 Wagon Dan Jones' Agent Orange Hank Horton's Greenbrier

Hank Horton's Monza coupe Bill Hubbell's Alice at Lake Placid Convention Chris Domack's Corsa Coupe Gary Bull's 1964 Monza Sedan Gary Bull's Open Habit

Gary Bull's Greenbrier Geoff Hubbell's Orchid Convertible Bill Hubbell's John Glenn Car at speed Bob Keenan's 1961 Wagon Bill Manke's 1960 sedan

Mary Ann Hubbell's first autocross Bill Hubbell's Mr. Poop at speed during an autocross Mr Poop under restoration Randy Musgrave's convertible Smitty's big dog SPIKE

Spike on the course at Summit Raceway Alice on the autocross track Alice at Carlisle Alice getting an AACA award at Richmond, VA This girl wants to see the USA in a Chevrolet

Fall Classic Show Pictures Fall Classic Show Pictures Fall Classic Show Pictures Leslie Bull's 1964 Sedan SPIKE

Geoff's Convert at a show John Gilliland's 62 coupe A line of Corvairs at the Farmer's Market Show Randy's 'Vert in the sun Dan's 61 Monza coupe

Hank Horton's 66 Corsa Walter Carter's 64 Spyder convertible Helen Smith's Rampside Helen's Vair Truck Helen's GRAPE

Smitty's 64 Spyder Scott's 64 500 coupe e n n


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