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A day with Corvairs...or Resurecting the Dead

Boy! Did we have a good time out in the country this weekend? A 1963 Monza coupe was donated to the club last year and we deceided to turn the evaluation into a club activity. A bunch of us guys got together and made an attempt of firing it up. The engine had not been run for at least 10 years.

After the engine compartment was vacuumed out it didn't look that bad.

At least not as bad as the rest of the car!

This car has some serious rust issues

With the carbs rebuilt, or flushed out and reassembled it was time for the cranking to begin.

A little more tinkering and it was running on at least 3 cylinders.

We did so well on this one that we sent Will under his car to try and start it too.

This is what happens when you crank the engine with oil in the cylinders and the plugs out.