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Important Info Regarding the Pungo Strawberry Parade and Annual TCC Picnic

The Annual Strawberry Parade is held in Pungo at the far end of Princess Anne Blvd in VA Beach, which you can reach by turning left off General Booth Blvd, past the Marine Science Center by the 7-Eleven. (Watch For Signs) If you have never attended this event, it is a big deal in which they close down the street Before 10AM on Saturday morning.

TCC usually provides a service for the parade committee where we offer rides in convertibles for dignataries and beauty queens. This puts us in the front of the parade so that when we finish, we can continue down Princess Anne Blvd about 10 miles to Munden Point Park where we lay claim on a shelter. There, we grill some burgers and dogs and taste each others covered dishes. We have been known to beat up a couple horse shoe stakes and do some other old people stuff. (There's playground equipment and stuff for the young ones too, so bring the family!

If you plan on going to the picnic and not the parade, get there early enough to park on the far side of town, so that you won't have to make the 20 mile detour around Pungo after they close the street. I'd plan on parking no later than 9:00AM on the far side of town and walking back to the festival. This will let you check out all the crafts and booths and also give you a good seat for watching the parade. Then you can drive down to the park (see map on events page)
Next The parade starts at 11:AM and we lign up at the airstrip off Flannigan's Lane as usual. We are occupying Units #9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13a-? and so forth. Although this isn't a long parade, make sure you have sufficent fuel, gas stations are few and far between once you leave General Booth Blvd.
Don't forget your TCC magnetic signs and antenna flags if you have them. Bring an appetite as there is always an abundance of food. TCC will provide Hamburgers, Hot dogs, condiments, and paper products. Any questions call Dan Jones at 757-838-2322.